Episode 1: Pre-Program Experience

So I got into Israel no problem. The flight was fine, I made pleasant conversation with the woman sitting next to me. Customs took literally fifteen seconds, but the bags took 1.5 to come. I exchanged money. Note to self: coins are actually valuable in Israel.

I took a taxi to the hostel. Or at least I tried to. Turns out Florentine and Levontine are two different streets. who knew? My taxi driver didn’t.The second taxi driver took me to the right place.

Met up with a close friend for shwarma lunch. Let’s call this place shwarma locale #1. I like the food here. Ate there again.

I met with my internship people, my boss seems like a cool dude. The office seems chill, and the project is interesting. Still need some testing done, but all-in-all I’m satisfied thus far.I tried to figure out where the hip davening places are in town. I met some success.

Shabbat number 1 was as expected. Let’s just put it this way, it wasn’t awful, but there’s room for improvement.

I met some people from Chicago at shul. Speaking of which, despite the Nusach being Sfard (honestly not my fave), I enjoyed the davening, rabbi/chazzan has a decent voice, he did some good tunes.

Saturday night I almost went out with people from my program, but I fell asleep. This whole jetlag thing is getting to be super lame.

Ate at a different shwarma place closer to the hostel. The shwarma plate was 13 NIS cheaper, and of similar quality, if albeit having fewer salad options. This place is Shwarma locale 2.



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