Episode 2: The Program Begins

Well, Folks, (and by folks I mean peeps, i.e. people reading this, not to be confused with folks = parents, which is a subset of the group “peeps”) a bunch of stuff happened this week. Topics include Blowing Hard, Move-In, Plant, Desk, Hookups, Dancing, Family,  Food stuff, and cards. Things that happened that don’t deserve individual sections include stickers, yay; Rav-Kav, functional;

Blowing Hard: So Israeli medical testing is super weird. They had me blow into a tube for like 5-10min. They didn’t like the results, I blame the wacky machinery. Seriously, I have never had to blow into a tube for a medical test. Also, my eyes are as poor as they always have been, and blood is really cool; see your local micro-fluidics textbook for details.

Move-In:  I moved into my new apartment this week. It’s super huge, photos upon request. We’re 14 people; 4(5) guys and 9 girls. Everyone seems super chill, and despite us hailing from a bunch of different countries and a wide age range (17-32) our first couple days have been pretty great.

Plant: I bought a plant this week. He is yet unnamed. If you have a good name, comment or let me know. Otherwise, he will be known as “Planty.” Planty is awesome, Period. <- that is a period, weird.

Desk: I bought a desk from an office store for my room. I had to buy some tools also, but I figure someone else will need a screwdriver and a hammer at some point.

Hookups: We finally found command hooks after searching for hours. This apartment has no towel hangers, and I’ve got a bathrobe also. Glad we found these.

Dancing: Club Mckeldin has made its way to Israel. Don’t ask why, be assured it was most delicately introduced, and I will be reminded of my follow for another 5 months.

Family: I at dinner at this great dairy restaurant with my cousin Yaakov, it was really great seeing him. I look forward to visiting all of the mishpachah as my time in Israel continues.

Food Stuff: I have kosher dishes, yay! I made brown rice stir-fry for shabbos. Made a bunch of egg omelets this week, too. I think I substituted creamer for milk, though.

Card: So I just bought alcohol, and didn’t get carded. Super weird. Only in Israel, I guess.


Next week: I start my Internship, looking forward to getting back into the engineering. Field trip to Ein Gedi (I think this is my 4th time, maybe 5th), looking forward.

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